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The first-year COLLEGE requirement builds student community and provides a shared foundation for a Stanford education. Welcome to COLLEGE!

Fulfill the COLLEGE requirement with a one-quarter course or compare all options for satisfying the requirement.

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"I would literally take the class again...if I could. The class made me question the whole college experience and education in general while drawing me into self-introspection about my own academic journey.”

Returning from a Leave of Absence?

The COLLEGE requirement has replaced the THINK requirement, effective Autumn 2021. If you entered Stanford in Autumn 2020 or before, but have not yet completed your Thinking Matters requirement, please email to request a course placement.

Looking Ahead: Class of 2026?

If you anticipate entering Stanford in Autumn 2022 (over a year away), please know that there will be a two-quarter COLLEGE requirement, effective Autumn 2022, and expect the course offerings to be fairly different.