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Compare Options to Fulfill the Requirement

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Choose any one of the four paths below to complete two quarters of COLLEGE.

  1. COLLEGE: Fulfill the requirement with two separate COLLEGE courses. Choose from a selection of courses on liberal education, civic engagement, and global perspectives.
  2. ESF: Education as Self-Fashioning Seminars: Complete one quarter of COLLEGE and WR1 requirements with a combined seminar, writing section, and lecture. Autumn quarter only. ESF students will also take a COLLEGE course in Winter or Spring.
  3. ITALIC: Immersion in the Arts: Year-long, immersive residential program focused on the arts; fulfills multiple requirements including COLLEGE.
  4. SLE: Structured Liberal Education: A liberal arts college experience within the research university; Humanities-focused year-long residential program fulfilling multiple requirements including COLLEGE.

Compare the four programs

When Any two quarters, choosing from Autumn, Winter, or Spring ESF in Autumn + COLLEGE in Winter or Spring 3 quarters (Autumn, Winter, and Spring) 3 quarters (Autumn, Winter, and Spring)
Student Experience COLLEGE offers Autumn seminars exploring the meaning of college; Winter seminars on Citizenship in the 21st century; and Spring lecture courses on Global Perspectives


In ESF, students will engage with longer texts and use writing as a means of understanding what they have read, of thinking for themselves and of developing a coherent set of aspirations and values ITALIC is an opportunity to join a tightly knit residential artist community while exploring art history and theory and experiencing world class art events through field trips SLE fosters close relationships among students and instructors in an residential atmosphere that emphasizes critical thinking and interpretation while studying classic texts
Residence N/A N/A Burbank East Florence Moore
Requirements Satisfied COLLEGE1, COLLEGE2, 2 Ways COLLEGE1, COLLEGE2, Writing1, 2 Ways COLLEGE1, COLLEGE2, Writing1, up to 3 Ways (if all three quarters completed) COLLEGE1, COLLEGE2, Writing1, Writing2, up to 4 Ways (if all three quarters completed)
Units 6-7 units (seminars are 3 units; lectures are 4 units) 10-11 units (ESF is 7 units; COLLEGE is 3-4 units) 11 (4 units each in Autumn and winter; 3 units in Spring) 24 (8 units each quarter)
Size COLLEGE varies: Seminars are 15-person. Lectures will have 40-90 person lectures with 15-person discussion sections ESF is 15-person seminars and writing sections 44-person lectures; 15-person discussion sections 96-person lectures; 15-person discussion sections
Structure COLLEGE varies: Seminars are two 80-minute discussions per week; Lecture courses are two 50-minute lectures with two 50-minute discussion sections per week ESF has one 80-minute seminar, two 110-minute writing sections, and one 50-minute Friday plenary per week Autumn: two 50-minute lectures & two 50-minute discussions. Winter: two 110-minute writing sections. Spring: one 50-minute lecture & two 50-minute discussions. Three 60-minute lectures, and two 120-minute discussion sections per week