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The COLLEGE program welcomes student input in several ways.

The ASSU Nominations Committee sends voting student representatives to the First Year Requirement Governance Board, which reviews and certifies classes to meet the COLLEGE requirement. For selection information, please see the ASSU website. Calls are typically circulated in spring quarter to self-nominate for the next year, so keep an eye on email lists.

The COLLEGE Student Advisory Board is appointed by the faculty director of the program.  It is made up of current and past first-year students and gives regular feedback on the curricular and pedagogic aspects of the program, typically meeting once each quarter.  If you are interested in learning more about joining the board, please email Neema Oliver.

If you have feedback on the new COLLEGE requirement to share, or would like to ensure that you hear about any town halls or information sessions, drop us an email at or visit our Student Input Form.