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How Enrollment Works for COLLEGE and ESF

Unlike other courses, COLLEGE and ESF enrollment is handled centrally through the COLLEGE Office. Students cannot add or drop the class via Axess or Simple Enroll.  Instructors cannot add students to their sections; only the COLLEGE Office can add or drop students.

Incoming frosh will be assigned two quarters to take COLLEGE in August, and will be able to submit course preferences before enrollment opens for the assigned quarter. You will be able to request changes to your assigned quarters.

You can check your current placement by going to If you wish a change, see the instructions below.

Current Status of Change Requests

As of week 3, we are no longer able to accept change requests for the current year.

Request a Change to COLLEGE or ESF

Submit ALL change requests through a form so that we can process them more quickly and efficiently--do not email to request a change! Please be careful to select the right link that fits your situation. (If you have issues accessing the forms, try logging into Stanford in a Private Window/Incognito Window to clear out cached information that may be creating a problem.)

Processing Dates

Listed below are the processing dates for petitions.  Petitions will generally be processed in the afternoon and your new schedule will appear on or Axess.  Please note that these dates are subject to change based on volume.

  • Tuesday, 2/22
  • Thursday, 2/24- Enrolled class will appear on Axess
  • Friday, 2/25
  • Monday, 2/28
  • Wednesday, 3/2
  • Friday, 3/4
  • Monday, 3/7
  • Wednesday, 3/9
  • Monday, 3/14
  • Wednesday, 3/16
  • Every day starting Monday, 3/21 through the end of the 1st week of the quarter

Is This My Last Chance to Change?

No! We will continue to take requests through the first week of classes. Students can continue to submit requests until their schedule is settled. It is much more difficult, however, to change a COLLEGE course in the second week of the quarter. No changes in Week 3 are allowed.

Will My Change Be Approved?

We will accommodate as many changes as space allows. Sections have a hard maximum of 15 students and overloads will not be possible.  However, ExploreCourses may have outdated information about space availability, and other change requests may open up new spaces. Be sure to keep an eye on your email in case we need to consult you.

More Questions?

For COLLEGE or THINK, please email

For ESF, please email

Please note that typical Stanford business hours are roughly 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday-Friday (and many commuting staff work a 7am-3pm schedule).