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Welcome to COLLEGE!

Learn more about the new first-year Civic, Liberal, and Global Education (COLLEGE) requirement.

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What is COLLEGE?

COLLEGE is more than just shorthand for the first-year Civic, Liberal, and Global Education requirement: it signals the purpose of the courses, and a vision for what a college experience can be. Going to college is not just about acquiring the ability to make a living, but about exploring what makes living worthwhile. It’s also about developing the skills that empower and enable us to live together: in our own communities, in a diverse nation, and in a globally connected society.

For Faculty: Teach in COLLEGE!

For Students: See COLLEGE courses

Four programs offer courses to fulfill the COLLEGE requirement:

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Students outside drawing during Reading the Body class


Take two courses in different quarters. Choose from a selection of courses on liberal education, civic engagement, and global perspectives.

ESF students at the Getty Center

Education as Self-Fashioning (ESF)

Offered only in Autumn quarter, ESF is a combined seminar, writing section, and lecture, fulfilling both WR1 and one quarter of COLLEGE.

group shot of about 45 students


Year-long, immersive residential program focused on the arts; fulfills multiple requirements including COLLEGE. Students both practice and study art, but previous art experience is not necessary.

SLE student group photo outside

Structured Liberal Education (SLE)

Humanities-focused yearlong residential program fulfilling multiple requirements including COLLEGE: a liberal arts college experience within the research university.